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Do You Have Concerns about the Driver’s License Medical Review Process?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Getting and keeping a license to drive a vehicle is how many of us access the community or hold a job, especially where public and para transit services are inadequate. To get and keep a license to drive, each of us has the responsibility to comply with highway safety and motor vehicle policies and procedures.

Photo of a driver using hand controls to operate his car.As people with disabilities, we are sometimes required to go through follow up reviews of our medical conditions, have our doctors fill out new medical reports, or take repeat driving tests.

If you have concerns about how the driver’s license policies and procedures have been applied to you as a person with disabilities, you may contact us to learn more about your legal rights and responsibilities.

Our services are free and confidential.

You may request assistance using our toll free number 800-342-0823 or our TTY number - 800-346-4127.

Or you may contact us online at

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