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Obtain, Maintain, or Regain Your Job or Career

Monday, November 04, 2013

One of our goals is to assist people with disabilities to overcome barriers to employment and obtain, maintain, and regain jobs and careers.

Our free and confidential services include information and referral, advocacy services, and legal representation.

Man driving with assistive technology.People with disabilities who want jobs and careers often encounter frustrating or stubborn barriers to employment. We can help people with disabilities strategize, advocate, and overcome many types of barriers, for example: 

  1. Accommodations in the Workplace – We can help a person with the task of advocating for reasonable accommodations throughout the hiring process and on the job. We can help them identify job discrimination or retaliation.
  2. Supported Employment – We can assist individuals who are beneficiaries of social security with advocating for integrated employment as the first option, on the job assistance, and prioritizing personal work preferences, skills, and goals.
  3. Transition Services – We can aid students and parents with the activity of advocating for a student who is negotiating the transition process from secondary education to post-secondary education or employment.
  4. Assistance with Employment Services – We can provide guidance about working with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Blind Services, Ticket to Work, and other Employment First Initiatives.
  5. Work Incentives – We can support employment goals for jobs and work compensated at or above minimum wage, we can advocate for the use of vouchers, and provide technical assistance to private employers. We can also provide guidance on proper income reporting.
  6. Transportation – We can assist with advocacy for increased travel choices and improved accessibility.

If your goal is a job or career, you may request assistance using our toll free number 800-342-0823 or our TTY number - 800-346-4127. Or you may contact us online at

The Protection & Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) program was established under the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. The purpose of this project, funded by the Social Security Administration, is to protect the legal rights of Social Security beneficiaries in their efforts to return to work. Social Security has reviewed for technical accuracy only; this should not be considered an official Social Security document.

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