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Success Story: Helen Maza

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

In 2018, Helen Maza, a woman with a variety of neurological, physical and genitourinary disabilities, sought out additional personal support hours. She was being left unattended in her recliner chair for thirteen hours at night because she could not transfer herself due to her physical disability. Without family or friends that could provide physical assistance when her caretaker was not at the home, she was stuck, which led to further physical and mental health disabilities. She was denied getting additional services on the basis that she lacked documentation and medical necessity for the services requested.

Helen contacted Disability Rights Florida due to the denial by her long-term care plan of additional personal support hours and additional medical supplies. Disability Rights Florida represented Ms. Maza and successfully negotiated a long-term care plan with increased services such as increased hours of personal supports and increased medical supplies for the client. Helen and her primary caregiver share their appreciation for Disability Rights Florida in helping her get her independence back.

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