Long Range Plan

On September 26, 2017, Disability Rights Florida's Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Long Range Plan for the period 2018-2022

Goals and Priorities

Eliminate barriers to inclusion by increasing access to opportunities and independence for persons with disabilities. Strengthen Our Impact on the Quality and Availability of Services and Supports for Individuals with Disabilities.

  • Priority: Improve the transition to independence process for individuals with disabilities of all ages.
  • Priority: Improve access to safe, affordable integrated housing.
  • Priority: Advocate for free and appropriate educational opportunities.
  • Priority: Identify and address abuse, neglect and rights violations in facilities using appropriate available strategies.
  • Priority: Challenge barriers to equal opportunity and autonomy.

Provide leadership on disability issues through education, communication, and collaboration.

  • Priority: Educate policymakers through in-depth communication across mediums on issues of importance.
  • Priority: Increase public engagement and dialogue through training and distribution of relevant resource material.
  • Priority: Collaborate with state and local disability advocates to identify and resolve issues that decrease community integration and independence.

Maintain an effective, fiscally sound non-profit organization capable of sustaining its mission through changes in state and national policy or budgets.

  • Priority: Maintain an internal development plan that ensures an orderly succession of qualified organizational leaders reflective of Florida’s diversity.
  • Priority: Utilize best technology to maximize staff productivity and accuracy of performance reporting to federal partners.
  • Priority: Identify and implement best business practices to maintain sustainability during fluctuations in resources.