Considering Housing Options

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Housing Options

Photo of a man with a disability cooking dinner in his own residence.Under Construction! Please check back for a comprehensive guide to housing programs.

Here is a very small sample of resources to get you started.

There are many programs that may be able help you with living expenses. Be sure to learn about what help you can expect before you turn 18. Ask for assistance to apply for all services and programs you might be eligible for as an adult. Be sure to start early if you need to obtain accessible on-campus housing.

SSI & Medicaid Waivers

If you are eligible to receive SSI as an adult, it is expected that you will use the SSI funds to pay for your living expenses. Adults who are on a Medicaid waiver may have some of their living expenses paid by the waiver. Talk to your support coordinator about what will happen when you turn 18.

Supported Housing and Supported Living

If you are not ready to live on your own, and don’t have a friend or family to help you, you may want to obtain supported housing or supported living. Supported housing and supported living means that people will help you make sure things are running smoothly in your home and that you have the things you need. You will still be responsible for taking care of your home. There are many different organizations that provide supported housing and supported living. Most communities have supported housing for adults with disabilities.

Some resources include: