Voting Accessibility and Assistance

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Federal and state law requires Supervisor of Elections offices and polling places to be accessible. Everyone should be able to get into their polling place. The doors should be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through. There should be ramps or elevators if there are steps up or down. The parking lot and the walkways must be accessible.

Florida law also governs the extent to which you have the right to be assisted by others in the process of registering and voting.

Assistance Registering

Florida law outlines assistance with registration that individuals with disabilities may request and receive.

For example, staff at your local Supervisor of Elections Office may assist by explaining the requirements for correctly filling out a voter registration application.

Florida law also requires that any state agency office or private provider on contract with a state agency providing assistance or services to individuals with disabilities must provide their applicants and clients with an opportunity to register to vote or update their voter registration. These state agencies and private providers are required to assist you with voter registration anytime you apply or reapply for services or assistance or anytime you provide a change of address.

An individual may receive assistance to register from their spouse, parent or child.

Assistance is also available from a number of private individuals and organizations, such as the Florida League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote. Anyone who is not a Supervisor of Elections employee, voter registration agency employee, or a prospective registrant’s spouse, parent or child, must register as a “third-party voter registration organization” before assisting individuals to register to vote.