Ways to Vote

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There are three ways to cast a vote in Florida. Considering each will help you decided which way works best for you.

Absentee Ballot

One way to vote is in your own home by absentee ballot. Obtain your ballot from your local Supervisor of Elections. You can ask for one or an immediate family member can do so for you. Once you have your ballot, if you need assistance in actually filling our your ballot, you can have anyone other than your employer, agent of your employer or an officer or agent of your union, assist you in marking your choices on the ballot or have the person mark the ballot for you. Then place a stamp on the envelope and mail it back to your Supervisor of Elections. It is that easy. 

One advantage of an absentee ballot is once you obtain your ballot from your local Supervisor of Elections, you control your election experience. If you vote at home, you do not have to deal with having transportation to a polling site or waiting in lines. However, the down side of voting from home is you do not have the community experience of voting in the company of others. Also some people with disabilities feel it is very important to vote in person at the polls in order to continually emphasize the need having accessible polling places and equipment.