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Presentations from 2019 Family Cafe

Family Cafe is a disability summit where thousands of individuals with disabilities are supplied with information, trainings, and opportunities to network. Disabiltiy Rights Flordia was proud to present at this event, and several of our presentations are provided below. 

Access Beyond the Classroom

Presenter: Lauren Eversole

Advocacy 101

Presenter: Rachel Siegel-McLaughlin & Jatinique Randle

Getting the Services You Need from the Florida Medicaid iBudget Waiver

Presenter: Rachel Siegel-McLaughlin & Jatinique Randle

Raising the Bar of Transtitioning to Adulthood

Presenter: Wendy Vance

REV UP Florida Access the Vote

Presenter: Tony DePalma, Jason Hahr, & Deborah Dietz


Advocacy 101 Webinar: Challenging an Agency's Denial or Reduction of Your Medicaid Services

For more information about this topic and to download our e-book, please visit the Advocacy 101 Disability Topic page.

You can also download the webinar transcript.

Knowing Your Rights Under the Baker Act


Knowledge is Power: Practical Strategies to Navigate the Education System with and for Your Child - A Training for Foster Parents


Guardian ad Litem Educational Law and Advocacy (6 Parts)